Thank you for your interest in MSM Counseling! We launched MSM counseling with a vision of creating a community of behavioral clinicians who are relational, caring, compassionate, trauma-informed, and invested in providing the highest quality behavioral services to our patients.


It is vital for us to maintain a behavioral private practice that is invested and actively involved in our communities. In addition, it is still relevant that we continue pioneering and fostering a practice that is intentional about continued learning, professional development, and behavioral clinicians’ self-care.


Healthy relationships and healthy communities are a key part of our health and wellbeing, and we believe in the healing power of relationships. We take a holistic approach to therapy, which means we prioritize the therapeutic relationship within the healing process. We approach our clients with authenticity, transparency, compassion, and notable respect.


A Welcoming Place for Everyone

At MSM Counseling, we welcome everyone of all identities, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation gender-based identities, and abilities. We strive to understand the social, economic, and cultural contexts that impact both clients and our communities. We provide culturally competent, affirming, anti-racist behavioral services to our clients.


We are committed to encouraging and sustaining healthy relationships with oneself, family, and within our communities. We support all in the faces of life’s transitions, losses, relationship challenges, foundational trauma, societal challenges, and political unrest.


We strive to understand all societal, economics, and cultural contexts that impact our clients and our communities and that we provide culturally competent, affirming behavioral care to our clients.


We have been consortium of behavior clinicians for over 20 years; and we know how important it is for our clinicians to comprehend the impact of behavioral trauma and other exhibited emotional calamities. Unfortunately, we know that most individuals will experience at least one; if not many, traumatic experiences, or losses in their life. All clinicians at MSM Counseling are extremely knowledgeable at various modalities in resolving behavioral conflict. We integrate the wisdom of the body into our work, and we practice body-oriented approaches to Behavorial conflict.


Continued Study Aids Us Grow as Behavorial Clinicians

We have been involved in behavioral education, development, and training for over 20 years and we remain obligated to being actively involved in continued professional growth and development. It is imperative for our clinicians to be actively engaged in professional development while maintaining active self-care practices and avail high quality behavioral services. We are keen in accordance with state and federal regulations in fostering clinical development, supervision, and continued professional development into our practice.

Please call our office and schedule your appointment and our welcoming ambience and staff are ready to receive you warmly with notable care.

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