MSM Counseling Services provides Therapy for Adults and Children at 305E US Highway 151 Suite D Platteville 53818 WI, USA.

Finding your path with MSM Counseling Services in Platteville. 

Life’s journey can be winding, challenging and sometimes feel overwhelming. At MSM Counseling Services, we believe everyone deserves a safe space to navigate these complexities and find their way forward.


We are a comprehensive counseling practice in Platteville, Wisconsin, offering a multitude of services to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re facing personal struggles, relationship challenges, or the effects of past trauma, our team of dedicated therapists is here to walk alongside you.


What sets us apart

A commitment to inclusivity: We welcome clients of all background and identities with open arms and understanding.

A range of services: We offer individual, group, and AODA (Alcohol and other drug abuse) counseling to address a wide variety of concerns.

Experienced and compassionate therapists: Our team is comprised of qualified and dedicated professionals who prioritize building trust and fostering healing.

Tailored approaches: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We work with you to develop a personalized plan that supports your individual goals and journey.


Explore our Services

Individual Counseling: For confidential support with personal growth, emotional challenges, and life transitions.

Group Counseling: Find connection and learn coping mechanisms in a supportive group setting.

AODA Counseling: Navigate addiction recovery with individualized support and evidence-based practices.

 Ready to take the first stepSchedule an appointment:

We offer flexible scheduling options, including convenient evening and weekend hours.


Contact us:

Call us at (414)433-3521 or explore our website to ask questions and learn more.

At MSM Counseling Services, we believe in the power of healing and growth. We’re here to help you build resilience, cultivate inner strength, and create a brighter future for yourself.

Let’ walk this path together.


MSM accepts self-pay options and state, federal governmental insurances and affiliated HMO’s in network.

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