24-Hour Crisis Counseling

For crises, or mental health challenges.

Adolescent Therapy Sessions

Tailored to meet developmental, and social needs of teenagers.

AODA Therapy

To assist individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders.

Business Psychotherapy

To address the psychological well-being of individuals within the corporate environment.

Couple Therapy Sessions

Help smoothen out areas of concern in your relationship or strengthen an already strong connection with your partner.

Group Therapy Sessions

Group Counseling is an oppoturnity to connect with others in a safe, confidential and supportive space.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Counseling is an opportunity to improve mental health in a confidential caring space.

Institutional Group Therapy

Our institutional groupd therapy are structured therapeutic interventions conducted within institutional settings.

School-Based Therapy

Providing intergrated mental health treatment to adolescents and other school going ages within pre-school, elementary, middle and high school facilities.

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